D. Wiseman
Prescott Valley, AZ.

I recently moved from a very large house to a 1,000 square foot house to cut down on upkeep.  Mrs. Moreno-Hilburn (Rosa to me now) from Virgo Organize Interiors, helped me downsize with amazing insight to make my new home look like a model home.  Rosa not only helped organize my home, but did it with such energy and enthusiasm, using all of my own furniture and decorator items.  Her ideas were suited to my ideas, but with consideration of the smaller space she had to work with.  The closets and pantry have been done with space saving shelves and ideas that are amazing!  Rosa has a very good eye for organizing and decorating with the customers finances in mind and uses as much of the things you own to give you a fresh new look.  Virgo Organize Interiors also refinished my garage floor and organized everything to optimize the space.  I would definitely recommend this company for all your organizing and decorating needs. 
Gail T. - Tucson, AZ

"I felt like a star on Home & Garden Television. My living room was transformed from a mere place to entertain guests to my favorite place to sit and relax.
Mrs. Moreno-Hilburn (Rosa to me now) did it using my own furnishings and arranging them in a way that only someone with a keen eye for color and form could have seen. The experience was both fun and exciting... The outcome was amazing.
Would I recommend Virgo Organize Interiors? You bet!"
K. Phelan - Vail, AZ

“My Home was in such disarray, to the point that I was overwhelmed and on a nervous state of mind, thanks to Virgo Organize Interiors I am more relaxed, comfortable and at ease knowing where everything is at”.   
J. Bartnett – Prescott, AZ

"I highly recommend Virgo Organize Interiors to Stage your home prior to placing it on the market, as I have known Mrs. Moreno-Hilburn for quite a while now, and I know she will make your home look like a model home” 
E. Anderson - Prescott, Scottsdale, Tucson, AZ I had Mrs. Moreno-Hilburn over for dinner at my home one evening, and while I was preparing the meal, she started emptying my kitchen cabinets and re-organizing things in them!  She made everything look so pretty and lined up according to colors and sizes.  I could not believe it! I asked her that in exchange of dinners if she can organized my whole home, and she said “Sure, It will have to be a lot of dinners”  we make each other laugh all the time…I tell everyone about her organization skills!”  

Nancy Avery - Tucson, AZ


Rosa, “my husband loved your work at our guest house! He said you are a miracle worker!  He loved the purple wall. You are such a special person, hard worker, and talented woman.  I consider you a friend. Thanks for sharing your passion!  The guest house is booked for 3 months already, thanks for the pictures I will put them on my website and link your website to ours, www.thedesertpoppyinn.com 
N. Avery, Tucson, AZ.

Janice Kauffman

Dear Rosa Lilia,

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Details of the Recommendation: "Rosa is a dedicated, ambitious specialist in home staging, home decorating, designing, staging, and even Estate Sales! She is a "true doer in getting things done right!" and always looks at the whole picture to determine what works best for a client, even if it means looking outside the box to make a client successful and happy. I would definitely endorse Rosa for your next Home Specialist you hire!!!"

Service Category: Home Staging/Designing Year first hired: 2005 (hired more than once) Top Qualities: Great Results, Personable, Creativ

Top 10 Benefits of Home Staging

1.       Faster Sales Time

2.       Higher Sales Price

3.       Great Listing Tool

4.       Distinct Marketing Advantage

5.       Attract a Broader range of Buyers

6.       Buyers feel home is well maintained

7.       Inspectors view Staged Homes as well cared for

8.       Often get better appraisal value

9.       Professional Image- look better on fliers & websites

10.  Gain Referral and repeat business


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